All JavaScript Comparison Operators
· ☕ 1 min read · 👽 john hashim
Javascript as a Programming language it has its uniques comparison Operators that can be used to compare Number or strings

Guide to Regular Expressions in JavaScript
· ☕ 8 min read · 👽 john hashim
There will be times when you will not be looking for a particular substring but a set of substrings which follow a certain pattern

How to redirect to a URL in Sapper
· ☕ 1 min read · 👽 john hashim
If your working on a Svelte+Sapper application and you run in asituation where you need to redirect to different homepage

why from blogger to static site
· ☕ 5 min read · 🤖 john hashim
Well Blogger platform is really Amazing, easy and free just like Netifly the only difference is that with static site is that you should have coding skills .