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why from blogger to static site

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Well Blogger platform is really Amazing, easy and free just like Netifly the only difference is that with static site is that you should have coding skills but you don’t need to panic if you don’t you can use free themes and use your own admin panel to create posts just like how you do it on WordPress and blogger … thanks to these guys make it, even more, simpler than ever.

so why moving from WordPress or blogger? well, the big here is to stay healthy and get some sleep without any worries about someone trying to hack my google account or high jacking my WordPress database or sites downtime these things really suck when your a blogger who pays programmers to click a button to update your site for wp only.

for blogger mmmh, I don’t trust google anymore because one day they might even say that we are shutting down a blogger, please export all your files lol know you know a lot of features and a lot of Google apps have been shut down. (no more charity work)

so let get back on track and here are few simple things why I’m moving from blogger to static sites Generators.

You Value Security

If you use Drupal or WordPress you know what I’m talking about when it comes to security updates. the more you do great online the more John doesn’t sleep too. John will always try to hack your website to bring you down or still your emails or even monetize your website.

But with static sites worry nobody in history will ever hack your site unless if they hack your gitlab or GitHub repo and delete it or merge malicious codes.


Yeah! ever wondered why some sites load slow and when you over refresh they will redirect you to server error? yeah!! this is due to running thousands or database queries that will throw an error at last with a static site that’s not possible with a click you have all the files in your browser with just a single request … to test that you can invite millions of bots and visit this site and see how crazy it loads so fast .


for this part, it’s really easy you will have all you need and what you can use .. you don’t need plugins that slow your site or to worry about your SEO setting your metadata and titles and paying john to do your SEO… out of the box Hugo framework theme comes with a site map Generator that will always feed Search engine what they need and on time . and when it comes to the layout you have completed what you need as a blogger but if your looking to sell stuff this is not for you try WP.

Smaller Footprint

If you don’t want to host your own, then you just have to hope that your host keeps its PHP and MySQL up to date, so that you aren’t exposed to those pesky security vulnerabilities that crop up every now and again. Then there is the upkeep. Make sure you’ve allotted time to manage all these dependencies. And some more time in case an updated plugin or theme breaks something.

A static site, when generated, is capable of being hosted on any web server that can return HTML files (which gives you a whole bunch of options). Of course, you’ll want to take advantage of the possibilities afforded to you with a static site by finding a host that allows for things like continuous deployment, instant cache invalidation, automated deploys and more. But you can leave that to somebody else, and instead of installing, managing and updating your CMS, you can focus on developing your site and being a pro spammer lol.


Have you ever updated your WordPress site and broke the entire site?
or ever accidentally deleted your database table because a plugin is scoping errors or ever had the situation of missing or losing your database? well with static site forget about the database.

Developer Experience

As I’m writing this post I’m learning how to code my own theme which I will use soon.. I feel like if I will have to blog using the console will improve my coding skills and I will learn a lot of command line that will make me a good programmer . do you know how happy it is when I push my commit on gitlab ? .

this will also give you ideas of Build tools that output your HTML to a particular directory on your build machine, and nearly all tools include a local web server, which allows you to check and double check your progress as you go. You have the security of knowing that your site will look exactly the same to your visitors as it does to you as a developer.


well blogger is free but you have to share your revenue with a blogger like 5% don’t know much about this but with other CMS you have to pay for hosting … and your expense will differ depending on your site growth some blogger spend more than 1k per months on plugins, hosting and extensions. with static it’s free but there are some features you will pay for but not a lot like you would with hosting companies.

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