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Why is Github Still so Awesome?

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GitHub is delivered through the SaaS (software-as-a-Service) business model that was started back in 2008 and is a web-based platform for developers. This is an open code management system that was created by Linus Torvalds, founded on Git, and makes your software builds even faster. The Git platform is used to store any source code for a project, change the code, track the history, and share with other developers or a team.

This is an excellent platform for developers that allows all the team members an easy way to collabor5ate on any given project. This is an excellent system that provides different tools, give any developer the change to improve or adapt software that they can store on public repositories for free. If you don’t want your projects stores on the public repositories, there is an option to pay for private rep0ositories. The company has various plans you can choose from. No matter if you choose the free or paid repositories you’ll still have all your project files and your revision history at your fingertips.

What Does GitHub Offer?

Write Better Code

The platform gives all software developers a unique way to collaborate, share work, code reviews, Pull Request, share the weight of the work, and improve any software code you and your team are working on. You and your team members have access to the software code you are developing and the platform makes it easy to talk with other team members no matter where they are located.

Project Management

This is an excellent platform to help manage all team members. As we all know in any project the project management always seems to have issues. On this platform, it is easy for project managers to speak with a team member to get them involved or to work on a special segment of the project.

Finding The Right Tools

Once you have created your GitHub account it is easy to browse the marketplace and find the right tools for your project. This is a large marketplace that gives you access to so many different tools that you can start using immediately to work on your project.

Code Security

The GitHub platform has the security you need and takes care of everything for you. There is no need to worry about the different problems that are involved with security issues in today’s online platforms The GitHub platform takes care of the problems before they happen. They maintain a very high standard of security so you don’t need to worry about your code.

Access Controlled

This is an excellent way to control access to different team members. You can give access to the members who need it and limit access to others. It is easy to control access using SAM/SSO and LDAP.


Anyone can host their projects on the GitHub Enterprise Cloud or the GitHub Server in one of your own data centers. You also can use the private cloud through Amazon Web Services, Azure or even the Google Cloud Platform.

Who Uses GitHub?

This is the world’s largest open source community that allows any developer to create new personal projects, experiment with new programming languages, or even host the work they have done on other projects. Furthermore, any business can use GitHub to build their software and support their development process. This is an excellent platform for everyone. Even if you are trying to create your first app, are new to software development, or want to share a new project with others the platform has something for everyone.

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