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why you should use micro video marketing

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The day of the old school advertising on TV, billboards, and radio are over. Your business has to adapt to the modern world. The traditional business owner realizes if he does not go to the web, he will not get far with his projects. The micro video is the next big trend in marketing today. It is time to use different platforms on the Internet to reach a wider international audience. Micro video marketing is the most engaging way to get your message across.

Top Micro Video Platforms:

Instagram and Vine have become popular in the last few years with the wider uses of smartphones and tablets. Instagram is a photo sharing application and updates their application back in 2014 to include video sharing. Vine is the equivalent to Instagram for video uploads. With Vine, you can upload your 5 to 6-second advertising video to share with the public. Instagram now allows uploading your video for up to 15 seconds.

To start using micro-video marketing download both apps to your smartphone or tablet. Become familiar with the application and features the two offers. The two networks can share links with larger social networks. Vine has a Twitter app to make sharing your micro video easier. Each day on Twitter more people share video links to Vine than Instagram. Vine and Instagram offer good filtering and editing features that make it easier to market your videos. Once your accounts are set up, create links to your Instagram and Vine networks in your blog, website, and social media platforms.

You must not forget about YouTube and how popular this network is for sharing your videos. Creating micro videos are just another way for any company to share their advertisement online. Popular micro videos are making a hit around the world. If you can create a video that is 5 to 15 seconds long that is both humorous and informative, this can go a long way to boost your sales.

Marketing With Micro Videos

Back in 2014 micro video marketing became a trend that dominated the social media market. To take full advantage of micro video marketing evaluate your product and what relates to your product. Find ways to expand your product and offer people helpful tips and not just advertising. Relate to what your audience is passionate about.

When creating your video, you need to educate your audience and build trust between you and your clients. Micro video marketing takes a creative mind or a team of people to brainstorm ideas for your 6 to 15-second video. Create micro-videos that stick in the minds of your audience and they will remember your business for longer periods of time. Using micro video marketing will have a strong impact on your business.

We live in a fast-paced world and you have to adapt your business to the changes. One-way to adapt is to create a fast-paced advertisement. As the micro video advertising advances, the new application becomes available for your PC. Today it is easier to create your micro video and upload it to your Instagram and Vine account. Creating a professional micro video in your office allows for more creativity and transfer the video to the network of your choice.

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